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RI RID General Membership Meeting
June 24, 2023 10:00-12:00
Cornerstone Church, Bridgemark
1990 Elmwood Ave
Warwick RI


Discussion session with brainstorming. The following topics were discussed. No action
was taken on any item. Next steps for members to review and prioritize. More info to
● Identifying common exterior goals
● What is our capacity?
➢ Is it doable
➢ Is it realistic
➢ Establish short and long term goals
➢ 1:1 outreach to interpreters Deaf and hearing
● Rebuilding the community
➢ Celebrate our successes and assets
➢ Ongoing open discussions
➢ More communication
➢ How do we relearn to trust
➢ Recognize historical patterns
➢ Adjustment from post Covid 19
➢ Develop a vision
➢ Individual trauma and organizational trauma
➢ How do we heal from trauma
➢ How do we create and invite a safe space to heal
➢ What draws members
➢ Establish belonging
➢ Community buy in
● Assessment for communities
➢ Lack of trust, diversity, representation (Deaf immigrants)
➢ Internal Deaf to Deaf connections since no Deaf clubs no longer exist
➢ Host a town hall to listen to the community both interpreting and Deaf
➢ Quality of life survey (JR skill set)
➢ Data collection that can lead to funding for improved quality of life
● Address systemic issues
➢ Assessment for pipelines to profession
➢ Address the gap between ITP graduates and readiness to work
➢ Where are members of the community (Deaf and interpreting)
➢ Support for leadership in both communities
● Pipeline for incoming interpreters/Workforce development
➢ Youth pipeline from school for the Deaf, colleges (DI)
➢ Approach students in ASL programs at RIC, CCRI
➢ Local training- partner with RICDHH, RIC, CCRI
➢ Collaboration with RID
➢ Funding
➢ Need access and accreditation
➢ Identify systemic barriers like license application (make welcome packet for new

➢ Needs Info and resources
➢ Inviting BIPOC
➢ Mentoring in all niches
➢ Orient the community
➢ Grow a signing community/school based?
➢ Glocester ASL curriculum in (CTE) for elementary levels
RIAD will host a Community Forum July 13 5:30 -7:30 PM RISD

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